Blinds Near Me Repairs

Blinds Near Me also does repair work on most blinds and shutters. Most of our competitors do not do repair work any longer as they cannot find anyone who knows how to do it. Most Installers today do not learn how to do repair work and many manufacturers no longer teach it to installers. I was trained 25 years ago how to do basic Window Blind Repairs and have been repairing blinds ever since. The sad part about Window Blind Repairs is the fact that there are only a few shops we can take blinds to for repairs that we cannot do. These are usually authorized repair centers for some of the larger manufacturers in our industry that slowly but surely are no longer willing to do repair work. Over the years we have watched some of our competitors advertise that they do repair work when they do not and only want you to believe that so they can sell you new blinds, here at Blinds Near Me we will never do that. If it can be repaired, it will be repaired. This is just another way that we build our client base by doing repairs others cannot do. Most of our vendors no longer offer this valuable repair training, it is a thing of the past!

Blinds Near Me also repairs most major brands of Plantation Shutters. Another dying art of repair work being lost to our industry, no one repairs shutters like we do! We can repair broken cuff links or plastic tilt bar connectors and magnets while we can still get the parts. Unfortunately, some PVC Vinyl shutter tilt bar replacement parts are no longer available from the manufacturers due to a new style of tilt bar being made. Blinds Near Me has some of those parts but when we run out then that’s it! You will need to replace the whole shutter!

We can also repair broken Shutter Vanes (Wood) when you have an accidental break! We have a manufacturer that replaces them for us and makes them good as new for a lot less than replacing the whole shutter panel. If we do need to take away a shutter panel for repair we will always put up a free temporary paper shade so you still have some privacy while your panel is being repaired.

How does our competition stack up against that? Well quite honestly they do not, we know this because we have been in this industry for close to 30 years! In most cases if your blind or shutter can be repaired it will be much cheaper than replacement, either way you get the most value for hard-earned money and we get another loyal customer! Call us today to set up your repair appointment to repair your blinds or shutters at 727-729-2298, you’ll be glad you did!

Please note: We do not repair big box store blinds, we have no idea where they are from and cannot get replacement parts for them, if they break, they need replacement.