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Blinds Near Me offers several companies when it comes to Plantation Shutters. Our most well-known Shutter Manufacturer is Norman Shutters. Norman Shutters is one of the largest Shutter Manufacturer in the world with well over 45 years of manufacturing under their belt. Norman uses a vertical integrated system where they not only make but grow their own wood. They harvest their wood and do not kill the trees, instead they cut them in a way that they keep growing and producing beautiful woods all year long. Norman manufactures everything from the hinges to the box it ships in! When you demand the absolute best, ask for Norman Shutters where they stand behind their commitment for quality and craftsmanship that no one else does in this industry.

Norman Window Fashions has one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world! Everything Norman uses in the manufacturing process is made by Norman at Norman plants right down to the screws used to install the blinds and shutters. They do not rely on anyone else but themselves for everything needed throughout the process of making the best window fashions inn our industry. Do you know what Normans mistake rate is? Its only 2%! That is incredible considering most other manufacturers have upwards of 40 % to 50 % mistake rates! Please look at some of the videos throughout our website that show just how well integrated Norman really is, I’m sure you will be impressed by what you see.

Norman’s continuous innovation for quality and improvements makes them consistently introduce new and innovative products that always exceed industry standards, optimal product safety and customer satisfaction on a whole new level. The results of Normans efforts gives you a product that will consistently give you years of beauty and a wonderful ownership experience. Some of the New Plantation Shutter offerings are exclusive only to Norman Shutters such as the all-New 90- and 180-degree hinges, Hidden Hinges and an all-new Hidden Tilt Bar System and self-closing Panel Track System. Norman Shutters also offers Motorized Shutters! Ask us for more details on your estimate, we would be happy to show them to you. You can check out some of the Shutter Offerings below.

Normandy Shutters

Plantation Shutters Sarasota

Normandy’s wood grain characteristics are exceptional. With stain, the distinctive wood grain has an enhanced color, depth and character with the inherent texture of the timber. With paint, the white finish gleams softly off the polished surface. What ever your personal style – warm and rustic, or sleek and refined, you are sure to find the perfect match for your décor.

Ultra Shutters

Plantation Shutters

The World of Norman® Ultra

From durability to style options to build quality, Norman ® Ultra represents the culmination of 20-plus years of innovation and craftsmanship.  By incorporating our very best ideas, design and knowledge – along with our best materials, you’ll see why we’re proud to call Norman ® Ultra our flagship shutter.

Made with 30% more wood, Norman ® Ultra is bigger, stronger, beefier and more robust.

Woodlore Shutters

Plantation Shutters Sarasota

EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutters™
As a busy homeowner, you expect innovative products that retain their functionality and good looks without excessive maintenance. Woodlore® shutters are constructed with a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state – for incredible density and strength. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, Woodlore® shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate.

In addition, Woodlore’s UV inhibitors do not release any volatile organic compound and protects against color fading and yellowing. Our patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore is the natural choice of shutter for your windows.

  • Better consistency and durability than a regular wood shutter
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity
  • Stainless steel staples resist corrosion and withstand extreme heat
  • Better than vinyl and PVC shutters and can withstand even the highest desert temperatures
  • Patented polypropylene coating makes its surface extremely durable and robust

WoodlorePlus Shutters

Plantation Shutters Sarasota
Enhanced Customization Program

With specialty shapes, 36” wide panel capability, and a bouquet of sophisticated colors and shades, Woodlore Plus™ is more versatile than ever. Choose Woodlore Plus™ for the best value, versatility and years of trouble free ownership.

  • Same great features in Woodlore® but more!
  • 36” wide panel capability for bigger panels, wider views and more streamlined profile
  • Specialty shapes including circles, arches, angles and even French doors*
  • Specialty shapes in Woodlore Plus™ are made from wood*